We recognize that buying a property is a major decision and can be overwhelming at times. Our job as real estate professionals is to help you overcome any concerns you may have and to help make your experience fun, exciting and as stress-free as possible. Thank you for your trust and confidence! We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your real estate goals. It is now time to relax and know that if you have any questions, we are here for you....as our clients, you and your family are very important to us.


Step 1

Where do I Start?

Your needs...When buying a home, 3 critical factors are important to consider: cost, location and style. Try to choose your home based on the style you would like, based on your budget and in a location you would be proud to call home.


Step 2

What can I Afford?

The best way to determine what you can afford, and more importantly, what you qualify for, is to talk directly to one of the brokers we work with or we will take the time to qualify you. In some cases, we can help arrange for free appraisal fees and reduced legal fees, if you talk to us before you call your bank.


Step 3

Location, Location, Location!

Location tends to be the most important factor next to affordability. Look closely at the areas that are attractive to you and the neighbourhoods which best suit your individual needs. Using our expertise we may be able to recommend areas that meet your needs and suggest other areas that you may not have considered before.


Step 4

Housing Needs

Determine what style of home you will require, taking into consideration your lifestyle, personal needs and wants. Consider the size of your family now and in the near future. Perhaps income from a secondary suite could offset some of your expenses or increase the amount of your price range. Our agents will check the local bylaws if requested.


Step 5

Let's Go Shopping!

You are now pre-qualified with your mortgage broker/lender and have a commitment letter in your hands. You have also had a discussion with us about your budget, the neighbourhood that you would like to consider, and the style of home that would best suit your needs. We are now ready to go shopping for your new home.


Step 6

We've Found It!

Together with Team Haig, you've found your perfect home. We will then prepare a legal, enforceable contract of purchase and sale, with your best interests in mind. We can also provide documentation, if necessary, to help you to determine a reasonable price to offer. You will then be walked through the contract step-by-step, so that you have a clear understanding of what you are about to sign. We will then proceed to personally present the offer on your behalf, negotiating the price, terms and conditions acceptable to you.


Step 7

The Offer Is Accepted

In most cases, the accepted offer will be conditional. This allows you time to satisfy the lender and yourself as to the home's integrity. Typically, the lender will want an appraisal and you may want the home inspected by a professional. We will be there to help you make all arrangements, review any reports/documents provided by the seller and address any of your concerns. We will then offer you our honest and professional advice on whether to proceed with your purchase.


Step 8

Let's Firm Up the Sale!

Your home has passed its inspection. Your lender/mortgage broker has confirmed that your financing is approved and all the other loose ends have been looked after. You are now ready to remove your conditions from the contract and pay your deposit into a trust account with RE/MAX to secure the sale. We will draw up the documents for you to sign and forward them to the seller on your behalf. You now have an unconditional Contract of Purchase and Sale. CONGRATULATIONS, it's time to celebrate!!!!


The Final Steps

Once you have decided on a lawyer or notary to transfer the title on completion day, let us know as early as possible we can provide them with the necessary documentation. Book your movers, give notice to your landlord, contact your insurance agent, phone and utility companies and start packing!

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